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What man wants a woman …

1. Women should cease to be a female and become Rights.

2. It must cease to fight with me, because it is useless: I still stronger. But if she wins, I will even worse for both of us.

3. A woman should learn to listen to me, but do not pretend that listens. Moreover, it must be heard, and not just listen. It is best to listen to the words and try to understand their meaning and what is behind them, and not stupidly respond to my tone and intonation.

4. Women should not accuse me innocent. It kills my spirit and I feel rejected and unloved.

5. Women to take care of me. If it does not erases, no ironing is not clear, does not prepare, I can do it himself, but then, she will tell me their concern?

6. Women should rejoice in the fact that the man drew her attention. Millions of women denied this. This leads them to depression, masturbation, lesbianism and other substitutes of normal human relationships between the sexes.

7. When we learn that a woman should not pay attention to the external aspects: if I have money, I cool car, I have a high growth, banker or other beggar if I have night, and what My passport age.

8. Women be acquainted with me if, at a minimum, I like it.

9. They must not months, not letting touch the body, behaving as if in forty years it is still a girl.

10. Women itself should be rather worried about the means of protection.

11. Women should combine lovely mother, an ardent right lovely and wonderful owner.

12. Women should not kill my time, familiar with their relatives without my desire and meditate alterations in my apartment without my consent.

13. Good all, if the woman will live apart, and we will love each other at a distance, and meet, whenever you want both.

14. Women should not be taken without asking my things, and if claimed, then put them in the same place.

15. Women should prepare not what it seems it should be like me, but that could take my queasy stomach.

16. Women should not go to the apartment as scarecrow. It should always be in a beautiful and elegant clothes.

17. A woman should always monitor their body shape and face. If it does so, it risks remain one.

18. Women should not be seeking to win in my professional life (in graduate school contest for the post, etc.). Having won here, she will eventually lose at home in the family.

19. They must not, dunk clothes, it rot for a few days, then forcing me to inhale sickening smell.

20. Women should not take away my money because without money in their hands and not knowing the price, I have gradually come to believe that they do not need me.

21. They must not lie to me.

22. If a woman falls in love with another man, it must honestly tell me about it.

23. If a woman love me, she should tell me about it immediately.

24. They must not change me, that is sleeping with another man or woman.

25. They must not shout at me, insult and humiliate my dignity.

26. Women should not use me in their mercantile purposes, pretending that love, while actually pursuing what – the material or moral benefit from me.

27. When we quarrel … It is better not to quarrel with me.

28. Women should not buy me for money, because in this case, I will feel a prostitute and, ultimately, it will remain with the nose.

29. Women must fight for equality, rather than in the seizure of full power.

30. Women should not compel me to do what I did not want to.

31. U women should be professional interests and hobbies that she was not boring to live.

32. Our relationship must be built on the basis of sincerity, honesty and mutual respect for each other.

33. If a woman could not understand me, then let it at least tries to do so.

34. A woman should not require me to match its expectations.

35. A woman must work to each other and develop as a person. Only in this case it may become MAN.

36. Women should not behave as if the man is obliged to do everything for her and all her time making – it should.

37. Women should not think that if I in bet with her, she was at me all right.

38. Every woman is my superior, it will not be his, at times, skills of the profession, issue of truth in the last resort, and I believe that idiot.

39. A woman should be able to play in erotic games and subtly tempt me ready for sex.

40. They must not require me to a demonstration of love, because then I should be disingenuous and false.

41. Women should not portray themselves out-not because I can just deal with the other.

42. Women should not require sleep with her, when I do not want to.

43. Women must learn to understand what the man wants.

44. They must not seek my wedding rings.

45. A woman should praise me, encourage and inspire the feats.

46. The most important thing to be a woman is that she was nobody should.

47. And most importantly, a woman simply must take me so what I eat, or in other words, love.

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